Loops live is Youtube channel that I found just recently about a few months ago. They cover a wide range of music from the older eras of the 60’s and 70’s all the way up to modern day music and all of their videos are in black and white.¬†They are a musical group with plenty of members but not all the members perform in every video. They even feature other musical artists that perform with them or the musical artist can also perform their own songs. I enjoy most their music because they cover so much of the eras and don’t just focus on modern pop culture music (since I also like older music from the eras of 60’s, 70’s, 80’s,90’s .) Here is their cover of the song Lay it all on me.

I think that their covers are good ambiance music for coffee shops or cafes of sorts. I encourage that you listen and explore to their other music and if you enjoyed listening to their covers then subscribe to their channel.



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