First blog post

For my first blog post I will be featuring the some new tech that has been made for musical instruments since this blog is about music.

When music was discovered by people way back thousands of years ago the only instruments they had were their own voices and very basic and simple instruments like drums, shakers, chimes, flutes, horns, etc. where the oldest dated musical instrument is of a flute which dates back 40,000 years ago.

bird-bone-flute 1st post.jpg

The golden age of music was during the renaissance period where the standard of classical music, which is considered timeless, was established and great names of composers were glorified such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig Van Beethoven. But even back then they had to know how to tune their instruments very finely by ear without any assistance of any technology. Musicians needed to have a strict training from early on to get their hearing to maximum skill so that they can tell if the music was in tune or not. baby+m 1st post

It wasn’t accessible to the common person to have the skill for music but fast forward a few hundred years to the present almost can learn how to play a musical instrument on their own and even musical instruments tune themselves!

Here I present the Min-Etune technology  made for guitars where you just have to set the tuning you want to your guitar and strum or pick the open strings and the guitar will just tune itself. It’s a wonderful union of robotics, programming and music. Here is a video demonstrating the technology.

home 1st post

Another type is the AutoTune guitar where the Pick ups in the guitar do the tuning and not the tuner themselves. Compared to the Min-ETune where the strings actually go to proper tuning, the AutoTune guitar by the Peavey brand receives the signals from the strings out of tune but the the output through the amplifier or speaker in already in tune because the pick ups and other electronics modify it for the user. The system is much more complicated but also very useful as it is demonstrated here in this video.

maxresdefault 1st post.jpg





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