The magic of inspiration

When you were a kid did you play with marbles, Do you still keep a collection of them from way back when you were younger? Do you have some tons of scrap wood you want to get rid off? Do you have a large pile of Lego pins and pin boards but don’t know what to do with it? Well friend, you’re in luck! All you have to do is add some inspiration into that mix and you might just make yourself a Musical Marble Machine!

This musical wonder was made by a Swedish band called Wintergatan. This is evidence that you can make music with anything you want if you just have enough inspiration to do it. They also have feature videos of how the Marble Machine works and how they made it. Part 1 of the “How It Works” video covers how he uses wooden gears to run a big programming wheel made out of Legos which conducts the series of instruments they used in the Marble Machine. Here is a video of it.

Part 2 of the “How It Works” video of the marble machine covers how he uses the marbles to fall on the instruments to play specific notes. But they didn’t get it right the first time so he also covers all of the design mistakes. Considering that it is still flawed but they were still able to make a really good song out of it. It just shows that patience is needed to work on intricate things. Here is a video of part 2.

But still they are making improvements on the Marble Machine and its design. Everything they have about the machine is covered in their official website and here is a link:



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