Audiotreetv is another channel in Youtube that I discovered but they also have channels in other video sharing websites like Vimeo but they also have their own dedicated website at . They always feature videos of new rising artist/bands or already famous bands but usually they feature the new upcoming bands which gives them a chance to be known in the music industry. They give new bands a chance so that they can grow their career and since the official hashtag or tagline of Audiotee is #WEGROWMUSIC (We grow music.)


Through them (the people behind and the channel, company, music producers of Audiotree) I was able to explore new music. The featured music they have are the works of the artists and I really appreciate their works and how they are presented. I would like to share the video of the band The Company of Thieves playing one of my favorite songs named Oscar Wilde (named after the famous author) through which I was able to find the band Passafire which became one of my favorite bands.

If you enjoyed the song like I do then subscribe to their channel and you might discover more music that you might like. Once you’re subscribed then they send you notifications on when a band is streaming live playing on their studio.

The link to their Youtube channel is down below here:



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