Mongolian throat singing?

“Wtf did I just watch?!” is what’s running through your mind right now I’m sure. Well that was Mongolian throat singing and it is a treasured art form and entertainment by the Mongols. It might sound horrible to mostly the rest of us on first time of hearing it but it’s as important as Opera singing to the Western culture as it is to them (the Mongolians.) But as the famous saying goes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and a certain form of it has penetrated the popular culture. A Mongolian group named Khusugtun auditioned for Asia’s got talent last year and got 2nd place in the finals of the competition. Here is there audition video below.

Other videos of their performances are also very nice and I enjoyed watching them. I’d leave it to you to find their other videos. They do have a very unique appeal since most of us aren’t used to listening to their traditional music but I bet that if any of us had a chance to see them live (for those who haven’t seen live yet like me) then we would be more overwhelmed of how amazing their signing is.


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